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In , the attitude to gay men in Britain was to worsen with the trial and conviction of Oscar Wilde, so the diaries remained hidden. It would be almost a century later, in the s, that the code would be once again broken—by Helena Whitbread—and the true nature of the contents exposed. In he was declared bankrupt and the estate was acquired by Halifax Corporation. The grounds became a public park and the hall opened as a museum in They were so frank however that, at first, they were thought to be a hoax.

However, she also chronicles, in her private code, a series of intense and overlapping lesbian relationships. The coded sections, which occupy around one-sixth of the diaries, document her most personal thoughts and experiences usually about love or sex, even recording the act of sex itself. By , when Lister was 26, she had emotionally and psychologically come to terms with her own sexual orientation. It is not meet for me. I love and only love the fairer sex and thus, beloved by them in turn, my heart revolts from any other love than theirs.

Eliza was devoted to her partner but Anne continued to have relationships with other women. Feeling alone and isolated, Eliza fell ill and was declared insane in Anne soon moved on to other infatuations, first to Isabella Norcliffe and then Mariana Belcombe. In , Anne started pursuing year-old Ann Walker, heiress to an adjoining estate, and, in , Ann moved into Shibden Hall where the two women lived openly as a couple. The two women soon became notorious in Halifax but Anne found her acquaintances in York more tolerant. At that time Halifax was a provincial town; York was the centre of Yorkshire society.

England’s Finest Georgian Town House

It was during a visit to friends in York that the two women planned to cement their union. Although Anne benefited from income from property and mineral rights on her estate and from canal shares, turnpike road trusts and pew rents, she was unable to fund her ambitious plans for Shibden Hall.

Assisted by York architect John Harper, she re-created the original central double-height hall, a scholarly restoration which is unusual for its time. Other original features and decorative schemes were also carefully conserved. As the Market job was drawing to a close the gaffer sent me and Ted Lawla to build the spirell staircase that climbs up the outside of the Lift shaft on the roof of the Market this staircase can be seen from many aspects in Sheffield and when I am on a tram or bus and get a fleeting glimpse of the staircase as I speed pass it brings back those memories of a rough and ready time in the building trade with not a health and safety man in sight ,a time when every man had to look after himself and hard hats were for fairies but that again is another story.

Anyway the job was coming to an end and I helped a few of the traders who were moving in, some of who are still in there to this day as they like me were sixteen or seventeen year olds at that time learning their trade just like me , and just like me they will roor when the old Castle Market closes for the last time along with its charictors,memories, ghosts,whilks,mussles,fish, smells and a site history that has been part of the Sheffield scene as long as there has been a Sheffield. S I sneeked up onto the roof a few months ago and stood on the Spirell steps that me and Ted had built over fifty years ago and do you know theyv'e not moved an inch.

Unfortunately I can't "like" it as its my own post but a good read. The last line is like the end of a good book! Cheers Judd - reading through them now. Interesting stuff. Originally Posted by judd newto. You can see it [could] from many advantage points in Sheffield Sheffy I was always proud to think I along with Ted Lola built them.

Someone from the Uni tried to save the Tower a little while back but the Sheffield [or Hallam] historical society put the boot in at the Council. Originally Posted by Superfly.

Very nice close up shot of your work here Judd, courtesy of scavengedluxury on Tumblr Can we please get back onto the subject of development of the area. This is starting to feel like the Life of Judd thread. The time now is PM.

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Find More Posts by AlexHudson. Here the owners put in two large windows and a set of double doors for increased light and better views. As another addition to the property the owners built a detached concrete garage to store their golf caddies and clubs. The property has half an acre of gardens which included graveled area, lawns, woodland, and patio areas. In the grounds and the gardens the owners say they often see pheasant and deer as well as birds and squirrels.

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When the castle is lit up at night — you look out from the back patio you can see its reflection in the lake. Its Dutch owners say that the proximity to both the golf course and the castle is a huge plus. She says there are also they also enjoy walking on the pathways around the estate as well as going to the hotel spa. A relatively affordable chance to go Dutch, in divine Dromoland. Class act for a family. Is Loftus hall really Ireland's most haunted house?