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She ordered her to fill a mattress with feathers from all the birds in the air.

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The King of Love got the King of Birds to have the birds fill the mattress. Then the ogress married her son to the daughter of the King of Portugal, and had Rosella hold the torches for the bridal chamber; but the king got his bride to switch places with Rosella, and the ground opened up and swallowed the bride. The ogress declared that Rosella's child would not be born until she unclasped her hands. The King of Love had his body laid out as if he were dead, and his sisters lamented him. The ogress unclasped her hands, demanding to know how he had died.

Rosella's son was born. This so enraged the ogress that she died. This form of startling the mother-in-law into allowing the baby's birth is found in Italian fairy tales; usually it is done by announcing the birth.

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The King of love

Study This. Psalm Psalm 22 Psalm Footnotes: Psalm Scenting someone with perfumed olive oil was a part of celebrations. The verb used here is not the verb used for anointing someone to an office. Psalm Literally for length of days or for days without end. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes.

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Verse 1. So through all the length of days, Thy goodness faileth never. More from I Am They.