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She leaves for America in disgrace and meets the future father of Oscar and Lola on the plane to New York. While Oscar studies creative writing at Rutgers University, Yunior becomes his roommate in order to get closer to Lola, with whom he is infatuated. Disregarding these barbs, Oscar strikes up an unlikely friendship with a beautiful girl on campus, but is shattered when she continues to see other guys.

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Oscar falls into a deep depression and attempts suicide on the last day of the school year. He survives, and Yunior tries to help Lola pick up the pieces of her life, but mostly struggles to maintain the large network of girls he is sleeping with. Still, Yunior proves his friendship by coming back to room with Oscar for another year. Though Lola desperately wishes to stay in the Dominican Republic and avoid her overbearing mother a bit longer, the death of a boy she was seeing convinces her to do what is best for her family. A doctor and a scholar, and heir to one of the more well-off Dominican families, Abelard wants nothing to do with Trujillo.

Abelard remains in prison for the rest of his life.

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The three Cabral girls are split up and the older two die tragically young. The third daughter, Beli, is sold as a maid to cover family debts. Back in the s again, Oscar has graduated college but moves back with his mother in Paterson and teaches high school English rather than achieving his dream of being a writer. Depression weighs heavily on him, and his lack of social confidence keeps him more isolated than ever.

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Like his mother years before, Oscar survives and goes back to the States to heal. Rather than return to teaching high school, Oscar asks Yunior for money. The book ends as Yunior, Lola, and Beli mourn Oscar.


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And this was how its author wanted things to be. To his way of thinking, there's no reason to draw an uncrossable line between fiction and memoir, down-at-heel realism and stylistic exuberance, the New Jersey experience and pan-American culture. Oscar, the character who holds the novel together, justly sees himself as a doubly marginalised figure. A Dominican-American growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, during the 80s, he's hampered by his counter-stereotypical nerdiness as well as problems of race and class. Bashful, precocious, overweight, Oscar is "a hardcore sci-fi and fantasy man", well versed in "Japanimation" and Marvel comics lore.

He admires "British nerd shows like Doctor Who and Blake's 7", and when he reaches college he makes the mistake of dressing up as Tom Baker at Halloween.

eralalve.tk It's pointed out that this makes him look like Oscar Wilde. A Dominican accent turns "Wilde" into "Wao".

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After a couple of weeks dude started answering to it. A big question in Oscar's life, and the novel, is: will he ever get laid? There's a question mark, too, over the narrator's identity, which isn't revealed until late in the book. And of course there's the question of how Oscar is going to die.

First, Oscar's sister Lola moves to centre stage. Previously a shadowy presence, she fills a diary with an account of her adolescent struggles with their vituperative mother, Beli. Finally, the narrative cuts back still further to Beli's parents' experience of the Trujillo regime. So by the time Oscar sets off on his fateful last trip to Santo Domingo, a florid family saga covering three generations has been erected behind his back. Including as they do brutal political repression, efficacious prayers by a pious abuela, historical coincidences in a tropical setting and a mysterious "Golden Mongoose", these flashbacks sometimes lean heavily towards the Macondo side of things.

But they're narrated in a voice that's exotic in a very different way.