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The original Broadway poster. Lovett : I love you, I'd be twice the wife she was! I love you! My cage has many rooms, damask and dark Nothing there sings, not even my lark. Todd: In all of the whole human race, Mrs.

Lovett—look at you! Sweeney: You lied to me! Lovett: No. No, not lied at all— no, I never lied! Said she took the poison— she did— never said that she died-. Lovett : "No, no, not lied at all—No, I never lied, said she took the poison —she did, never said that she died. Lovett : This may bit a bit stringy, but then again, it is fiddle player. Todd : No, this isn't fiddle player! Anthony arrives to beg Todd for help to free Johanna, and Todd, revitalized, instructs Anthony to rescue her by posing as a wigmaker intent on purchasing inmates' hair "Wigmaker Sequence" and "The Ballad However, once Anthony has departed, Todd sends a letter informing the Judge that Anthony will bring Johanna to his shop just after dark, and that he will hand her over "The Letter".

In the pie shop, Toby tells Mrs. When he recognizes Pirelli's coin purse in Mrs.

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Lovett's hands, she distracts him by showing him the bakehouse, instructing him how to work the meat grinder and the oven before locking him in. Upstairs, she encounters the Beadle at her harmonium ; he has been asked by Lovett's neighbors to investigate the strange smoke and stench from the pie shop's chimney. Lovett loudly plays her harmonium to cover the Beadle's screams above as Todd dispatches him.

In the basement, Toby discovers hair and fingernails in a pie he has been eating, just as the Beadle's fresh corpse comes tumbling through the chute. Terrified, he flees into the London sewers below the bakehouse. Lovett then informs Todd that Toby has found out about their secret and must be dealt with. Anthony arrives at the asylum to rescue Johanna, but is exposed when Johanna recognizes him.

Anthony draws a pistol given to him by Todd, but cannot bring himself to shoot Jonas Fogg, the corrupt asylum owner; Johanna grabs the pistol and kills Fogg. As Anthony and Johanna flee, the asylum's freed inmates prophesy the end of the world, while Todd and Mrs. Anthony and Johanna now disguised as a sailor arrive at Todd's empty shop. Anthony leaves to seek a coach after he and Johanna reaffirm their love "Ah Miss" — reprise. Johanna hears the beggar woman entering and hides in a trunk in the barbershop.

The beggar woman seems to recognize the room.

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Todd enters and tries to force her to leave as she again seems to recognize him "Beggar Woman's Lullaby". Hearing the Judge outside, a frantic Todd kills the beggar woman, sending her body down the chute barely a moment before the Judge bursts in. Todd assures the Judge that Johanna is repentant, and the Judge asks for a quick splash of cologne. Once he has the Judge in his chair, Todd soothes him with another conversation on women, but this time he alludes to their "fellow tastes, in women at least".

The Judge recognizes him as "Benjamin Barker! Remembering Toby, Todd starts to leave, but, realizing he has left his razor behind, returns just as the disguised Johanna rises, horrified, from the trunk. Not recognizing her, Todd attempts to kill her, just as Mrs. Lovett shrieks from the bakehouse below, providing a distraction for Johanna to escape. Downstairs, Mrs.

Lovett is struggling with the dying Judge, who claws at her. She then attempts to drag the beggar woman's body into the oven, but Todd arrives and sees the lifeless face clearly for the first time: the beggar woman is his wife Lucy. Todd is horror-struck, accusing Mrs.

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Lovett of lying to him. Lovett frantically explains that Lucy did indeed poison herself, but she lived, though the attempt left her insane. Lovett confesses she loves Todd. Todd then feigns forgiveness, dancing manically with Lovett until hurling her into the raging fires of the oven, burning her alive.

Full of despair and in shock, Todd embraces the dead Lucy. Toby, now quite insane, crawls up from the sewer babbling nursery rhymes to himself.

He picks up Todd's fallen razor, and slits Todd's throat. As Todd falls dead and Toby drops the razor, Anthony, Johanna and some others break into the bakehouse. Toby, heedless of them, begins turning the meat grinder, crooning Mrs. Lovett's previous instructions to him "Final Scene". The ensemble cast, soon joined by the risen Todd and Mrs. Lovett, sing a reprise of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" warning against revenge though admitting that "everyone does it". Tearing off their costumes, the company exits. Todd sneers at the audience for a moment and vanishes.

The original production premiered on Broadway at the Uris Theatre on March 1, and closed on June 29, after performances and 19 previews.

The cast included Angela Lansbury as Mrs. The production was nominated for nine Tony Awards , winning eight including Best Musical.

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The first national U. June Havoc and Ross Petty starred. The show ran for performances. The production closed on November 14, The first Broadway revival opened on September 14, at the Circle in the Square Theatre , and closed on February 25, after performances and 46 previews. It was produced by Theodore Mann , directed by Susan H. Schulman , with choreography by Michael Lichtefeld. In contrast to the Broadway version, the production was designed on a relatively intimate scale and was affectionately referred to as "Teeny Todd.

In , the show received its first London revival at the Royal National Theatre. The production opened originally at the Cottesloe Theatre on June 2, , and later transferred to the Lyttleton Theatre on December 16, , playing in repertory and closing on June 1, The show's design was slightly altered to fit a proscenium arch theatre space for the Lyttleton Theatre. When the show transferred, Quilley replaced Armstrong in the title role.

Sondheim praised Donnellan for the "small 'chamber' approach to the show, which was the composer's original vision for the piece. This production was notable for having no orchestra, with the person cast playing the score themselves on musical instruments that they carried onstage.

This production closed February 5, A version of the John Doyle West End production transferred to Broadway, opening on November 3, at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre with a new cast, all of whom played their own instruments, as had been done in London. The cast consisted of: Patti LuPone Mrs. The production ran for performances and 35 previews, and was nominated for six Tony Awards, winning two: Best Direction of a Musical for Doyle and Best Orchestrations for Sarah Travis who had reconstructed Jonathan Tunick's original arrangements to suit the ten-person cast and orchestra.

Lovett and David Hess as Todd. Alexander Gemignani also played the title role for the Toronto run of the tour in November Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton starred in a new production of the show that played at The Chichester Festival Theatre , running from September 24 to November 5, It was notably set in the s instead of and restored the oft-cut song "Johanna Mea Culpa ". Previews began February 14, before officially opening night on March 1.

After Norm Lewis left, he was replaced by Hugh Panaro in the titular role. The production was extended and closed on August 26, Lovett and Peter Cousens as Anthony. Lovett and Jon Ewing as Judge Turpin. The Melbourne production toured to Sydney and Brisbane in It was also the first time the show had been presented in an intimate house Equity seat.

On April 5, it premiered in Catalan at the theater Poliorama of Barcelona later moving to the Apollo , in a production of the Drama Centre of the Government of Catalonia. With critical acclaim and audience applause Sondheim traveled to Barcelona after hearing the success it was having and was delighted with the production , it later moved to Madrid. The show received over fifteen awards.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The Finnish National Opera production premiered on September 19, Translated by Juice Leskinen [37]. It was directed by Christopher Ashley with choreography by Daniel Pelzig. Irish tenor David Shannon starred as Todd in a highly successful Dublin production of the show at the Gate Theatre , which ran from April through June The production employed a minimalistic approach: the cast consisted of a small ensemble of 14 performers, and the orchestra was a seven-piece band. The look of the production was quite abstract. The Sunday Times wrote that "The black backdrop of David Farley's rough hewn set and the stark minimalism of Rick Fisher's lighting suggest a self-conscious edginess, with Shannon's stylised make-up, long leather coat and brooding countenance only adding to the feeling.

The show was a collaboration with West End International Ltd.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Broadway)

The show did a four-week run and ended on June 8, In , fifty members of the National Youth Music Theatre staged a production at the Village Underground as part of Stephen Sondheim's 80th birthday celebrations in London. NYMT took the show, directed by Martin Constantine, out of a conventional theatre space and staged it within a converted Victorian warehouse in the city's East End. Sondheim grants DC's Landless Theatre Company permission to orchestrate a "prog metal version" of Sweeney Todd , the first rock orchestration of the score.

Directed by Melissa Baughman. Music Direction by Charles W. The first opera company to mount Sweeney Todd was the Houston Grand Opera in a production directed by Hal Prince, which ran from June 14, through June 24, for a total of 10 performances. In the show was presented by the New York City Opera.