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This technique was most often used when filming on the set of a villain's lair to lend a surreal, comic-book quality to the scenes, as well as to imply or merely remind the viewer that the criminals were crooked. Several cast members recorded music tied into the series.

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Adam West released a single titled "Miranda", a country-tinged pop song that he actually performed in costume during live appearances in the s. Burgess Meredith recorded a spoken-word single called "The Escape" backed with "The Capture", which consisted of the Penguin narrating his recent crime spree to a jazz beat.

Freeze", and "Batman Blues". It was reissued later on compact disc. The show featured numerous adaptations of various Batman comics stories — particularly in its first season. These first-season episodes were adaptations:. Each story relied on using the same formula, so that the audience quickly came to expect a series of familiar set pieces: a phone call from the police asking for Batman's help, a dash to the Batcave, a race in the Batmobile to police headquarters, a conference in the Commissioner's office, investigating the scene of the crime, examining clues in the crime-lab at the Batcave, rushing to the villain's secret hideout, falling into the pre-arranged trap.

By relying heavily on a formula, it became easy to spoof various elements of that formula. The typical story begins with a villain's caper such as stealing a fabulous treasure, kidnapping a prominent person, or attempting to take over Gotham City. Helpless to stop the villain, they contact Batman via the Batphone — a bright red telephone that provides a direct phone link to Batman be it at Wayne Manor, the Batcave or the Batmobile. Frequently, Wayne and his ward, Dick Grayson , are found talking with Dick's aunt, Harriet Cooper , who is unaware of Bruce and Dick's secret identities.

Alfred discreetly interrupts and they excuse themselves to go to the Batphone in Wayne's study. Upon learning the details from Gordon, Wayne turns a switch concealed within a bust of Shakespeare that stands on his desk to reveal two fireman's poles hidden behind a sliding bookcase. The title sequence features animated versions of Batman and Robin, drawn in the then-current style of the comic books, running towards camera and then fighting an assortment of villains, including several "marquee" villains such as the Joker and the Penguin.

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Similar in style and content to the s serials, Batman and Robin would arrive at the bottom of the Batpoles in the Batcave in full costume a large painted sign hanging on the wall beside the Batpole, next to a lever that Batman pulls, on the drop, says: Instant costume-change lever. They then jump into the Batmobile. Robin checks the gauges and reports, " Atomic batteries to power As the Batmobile approached the mouth of the cave actually a tunnel entrance in Los Angeles' Bronson Canyon , a camouflaged door would swing open and a hinged road barrier outside the Batcave would drop down to allow the car to exit onto the road.

The duo then speed to police headquarters to meet with Commissioner Gordon and be briefed on the criminal they must thwart. Most of the footage following the opening title sequence, from Batman and Robin sliding down the Batpoles through to their arrival at police headquarters was stock footage , reused in each episode. After the National Safety Council complained that Batman and Robin should set a good example, the stock sequence was changed to show them fastening seat belts part of a national buckle-up campaign by the NSC before starting out.

The initial discussion of the crime usually leads to Batman and Robin conducting their investigation alone, although the police are often used for assistance and to implement plans or traps that Batman devises to catch the villain. This usually results in a meeting with the villain, a fistfight with the villain's henchmen, and the villain's escape, leaving a further series of unlikely clues for the duo to investigate.

Later, they would face the villain's henchmen again, be captured and one or both heroes placed in a deathtrap leading to a cliffhanger ending, which was usually resolved in the first few minutes of the next episode. The latter part s of multi-episode stories begins with a brief recap of the first part s. After the opening credits and the theme music, the cliffhanger is resolved. The same general plot pattern of investigation and confrontation repeats in the following episode until the villain is defeated in a major brawl.

The series used a narrator executive producer William Dozier , uncredited who parodied both the breathless narration style of the s serials and Walter Winchell 's bombastic narration of The Untouchables. In the third season, when single-episode stories were introduced, the narrator would end the show by encouraging viewers to tune in the following week. During the climactic fistfights in each episode, the punches and other impacts were punctuated by onomatopoeia sound effects superimposed in bright colors over the action on the screen, as in comic-book fight scenes "POW!

As a money-saving device, after the first season, instead of being superimposed over the fight scene, the sound effects were merely printed on cards and inserted into the action. Despite the regular fighting on the show, Batman and Robin typically use non-lethal force; only three criminal characters die during the series: the Riddler's moll Molly played by Jill St.

In the film, six criminals die in total: five henchmen are dehydrated by the Penguin in order to infiltrate the Batcave, but this plan fails when the henchmen unexpectedly disappear into antimatter once struck. A sixth henchman is presumably killed when he is caught in a trap meant for Batman and sprung into an exploding octopus. Twice, the Catwoman Julie Newmar appears to fall to her death into a bottomless pit and from a high building into a river , but returned in later episodes.

In "Instant Freeze", Mr. Freeze freezes a butler solid and knocks him over, and sound-effects suggest that he is shattered into pieces. A later reference suggests the butler survived. In "Green Ice", Mr. Freeze freezes a policeman solid; it is left unclear whether he survived.

In "The Penguin's Nest", a policeman suffers an electric shock at the hands of the Penguin's accomplices, but he is presumed to survive, as he appears in some later episodes. A catch-phrase popularized by the series was Robin's saying "Holy [subject], Batman! This phrase was parodied in the film Batman Forever. In many episodes, Batman and Robin must get to a high point of a building or other structure. They do this via the Batrope which is thrown and anchored above the high point, and which Batman and Robin climb by walking up the side of the structure with the aid of the rope. The climbing sequences were filmed by rotating the camera 90 degrees and building a set for the "side" of the structure along the studio floor.

The heroes' capes were pulled back to replicate the pull of gravity with invisible lines.

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In many episodes, celebrities made cameo appearances by popping their heads out of windows along these climbs to speak to the heroes. In one episode, Catwoman's hideout is a hair salon owned by a "Mr. The real-life inspiration for the character, hair stylist and future Manson family victim Jay Sebring , appears uncredited during the fight scene and has a couple of spoken lines. The villains commonly have henchmen whose names are somehow associated with the villain's identity; for example, Catwoman's henchmen have cat-related names like Felix and Leo.

Characters commonly use alliterations. Examples include Batman referring to the Joker as a "hateful harlequin" and the Penguin calling Catwoman a "feline floozy". Egghead was tricked into disbelieving his discovery, though, as was Tut in the episode when he bugged the Batmobile. In the episode when Tut tunneled into the Batcave, he was hit on the head by a rock, which made him forget his discovery and jarred him back into his identity as a mild-mannered professor of Egyptology at Yale University.

While under the spell of the Siren Joan Collins , Commissioner Gordon found the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor and deduced Batman's true identity, but Alfred gassed him to prevent his informing her, the memory of the discovery gone after leaving the Siren's spell. The show's campiness was played up in elements, including the design of the villains, dialogue and in signs appearing on various props. Most of Batman's items in the Batcave, bat-vehicles and on the utility belt were given superfluous and simplistic block-letter labels, even though Batman, Robin, and Alfred, the only people who used the equipment, clearly knew what all of it was.

The Bat Computer frequently had a different sign on top, depending on the specific function it was to perform in that episode. Many of the futuristic props decorating the Batcave — including the Bat Computer itself — were borrowed from another 20th Century Fox tv show filming on the adjacent lot, namely Lost In Space. Viewers saw easily-recognisable props from the Lost in Space Jupiter 2 set presented on Batman , without any attempt at disguise or re-dressing, as the show appeared to send even itself up. A film based on the television show, Batman , was released in The film was originally intended to be produced before the series as a way to introduce the series to the public.

However, the series' premiere was moved up and the film was forced to wait until the summer hiatus after the first season. The film was produced quickly to get into theatres prior to the start of season two of the television series. The film did not initially perform well at the cinema. Originally, the movie had been conceived to help sell the television series abroad, but the success of the series in America was sufficient publicity.

The film was shot after season one was filmed.

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The movie's budget allowed for producers to build the Batboat and lease a helicopter that would be made into the Batcopter , both of which were used in the second and third seasons of the television show. West and Ward announced at the Mad Monster Party that one or two Batman animated movies would be released in with the two doing voiced roles as their characters for the show's 50th anniversary along with Julie Newmar returning.

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Two-Face was released on October 10, The film starred William Shatner voicing Two-Face as the main antagonist. This was one of Adam West's final roles before he died from leukemia. In , DC began publication of Batman '66, a comic book series telling all-new stories set in the world of the —68 TV series. Jeff Parker writes the series, which features cover art by Mike Allred and interior art by different artists each issue. Penguin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze also appear in the series.

Issue 3 of Batman '66 introduced the Red Hood and Dr. Quinn into the series continuity. The series was to have introduced Killer Croc into the continuity, as well as a new villainess named Cleopatra. In April , the first five issues were compiled into the Batman '66 Vol. The six-issue miniseries began publication in June Mike Allred would return to create the main covers with Archie artists creating the alternative covers and interior art.

Bluewater Comics has released a series of comics that take their cue from the TV show. The Mis-Adventures of Adam West is a four-issue miniseries and a regular series that ran nine issues. The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar is a four-issue miniseries and Burt Ward, Boy Wonder was going to be a four-issue miniseries, but has not yet been published in full although a promotional first issue was released for Free Comic Book Day.

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Van Williams and Bruce Lee made a cameo appearance as the Green Hornet and Kato in "window cameos" while the Batman and Robin were climbing a building. This was in part one of a two-part second-season episode of the Batman TV series, "The Spell of Tut", which aired on September 28, Later that same season, the Green Hornet and Kato appeared in the two-part second-season episodes A Piece of the Action and Batman's Satisfaction , which aired on March 1—2, Once Gumm's crew was defeated, Batman and Robin squared off against the Green Hornet and Kato, resulting in a stand-off that was interrupted by the police.

In this episode, Batman, Robin and the police consider the Green Hornet and Kato to be criminals, although Batman and Robin were cordial to the duo in the earlier window appearance. In the February 3, Green Hornet episode "Ace in the Hole" which aired between the September and March Batman appearances mentioned above , Batman and Robin can be seen climbing a building on a television set.