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Carol Napoleon Hampton of Pennsville recorded a video of the weird occurrence Sunday evening. From a spot south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge the music can very clearly be heard over the sound of river waves lapping the shore.

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The federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics tracked roads, airports and other transportation to arrive at an average noise metric for each area of the nation. Residents for a mile stretch north and south of where Hampton recorded sound describe it as loud or louder than what she captured. They say they not only hear it, but can actually feel the vibrations from the music rattling their homes and their bodies.

Sometimes it's just bass off in the distance. However, still annoying," a member of one Facebook group in the Penns Grove-Carneys Point area described it. Listen to NJ. Here's another way to find out what's happening in your state: Listen to a daily news update on Alexa or via a podcast on your Apple device. Others have said they thought a car was parked outside of their house blaring music, the sounds have been so loud.

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Pennsville Chief of Police Allen J. Cummings said his department has received more than 20 complaints in October alone. Krivda said his department has received numerous complaints which were passed on to Delaware.

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The county's call center has received at least 55 calls about the music in October, the center's director, Scott Haines, said. The largest number of complaints came in on Oct. Austin said when troopers went to the areas they heard no music and were unable to find a source.

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He said police were told a possible source of the music could be a barge in the river connected to dredging operations and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources. Officials there didn't immediately respond to an inquiry sent by NJ Advance Media. And it's not just people living along the Delaware River who are hearing the mystery thumps in the night.

Residents far inland in Mannington Township and the village of Auburn in Oldmans Township have reported hearing the bass sound late into the night. One theory is the music is coming from people gathering in Delaware and showing off the enormous custom sound systems in their vehicles. Austin says New Jersey residents hearing the music and who want to register a complaint should call Delaware State Police at Bill Gallo Jr. Follow Bill Gallo Jr. Find NJ.

Stephanie M. Apr 14, Alyssa Maxwell rated it it was amazing. In this murder mystery that at times reads like a ghost story and at other times a psychological thriller, Lucy Campion struggles against the realities of life in s London to solve the mystery of an injured woman with amnesia, whom she finds wandering near the ravages of the Great Fire.

As in the earlier books, Lucy continues to be a smart, strong heroine who understands the social barriers of the times well enough to find ways of getting around them without landing herself in stocks.

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She is In this murder mystery that at times reads like a ghost story and at other times a psychological thriller, Lucy Campion struggles against the realities of life in s London to solve the mystery of an injured woman with amnesia, whom she finds wandering near the ravages of the Great Fire. She is also a character of great compassion, a trait that won't allow her to walk away from someone who needs her, even when that person doesn't always treat her well.

This is a time period not widely written about, which makes it unique, and the attention to historical detail is impressive. I feel I've learned quite a lot about the era through reading this series. Apr 28, Lauralee rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , mystery-suspense , england. Lucy is immediately frightened about what she has seen, but after she recovers she realizes that she is an injured and distraught young woman.

Soon, both Lucy and the physician have questions regarding this unknown woman. The unknown woman has no memory of who she is, where she comes from, and what has happened to her.

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While Lucy has a low social status, she is comfortable in her position as a bookseller. She has a creative imagination and loves to write. She writes stories about the previous mysteries that she has solved. I found Lucy to be a likable character. She is smart and practical. She can also be caring. However, she can also be judgmental and temperamental.

She is also quite a bit stubborn and impatient. She is suspicious of other people, and it is hard for her to trust others. She is also a realist, for she knows that her opportunities are limited due to her social status, and tries to plan a future based upon her happiness. I also found her to be very courageous for she is willing to take many risks in order to solve the mystery. Thus, Lucy is a very interesting character, and is a character whom readers will root for. Overall, this book is about friendship, choices, love, and freedom. While I did find the characters to be interesting, I found this novel to be a bit drawn out.

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The mystery was pretty predictable, and I wanted there to be more twists and turns to make the case be more mysterious. I also did not like there to be a love triangle in this book. I felt it to be unnecessary. I would have liked the story more had there been no romance involved, for it felt forced. Nevertheless, I did think that this novel was well-written, and it gave me vivid descriptions of 17th century London. I recommend this book to those who would like to read a historical mysteries set after the Great Fire of London and those who enjoy books about amateur sleuths.

May 06, Amy rated it really liked it. This is the last novel at least at this point in the series. This novel focuses on the treatment of a woman with memory loss and epilepsy. The plug itself was also very well done. I do like the characters very much and Lucy in particular is a strong and interesting female. I doubt that very many women of that era where that self possessed or were able to achieve the successes that she did it needs novels.

Jul 03, Spuddie rated it it was amazing. I've enjoyed this series set in seventeenth-century London during the time immediately after the Great Fire of I'm not sure if this fourth book is the last book in the series or not it was published 4 years ago, so possibly it is but it did end in a place that left me satisfied with the main character's future and with another interesting mystery, this one dealing with a young woman afflicted with "the falling sickness" what epilepsy was called at the time and with Bedlam.

Mar 27, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: novel-research. Combining all my sweet spots - mystery, historical, female protagonist, and especially now, research - roughly my time in English history, or actually before it, but close enough to be worth it. Even if it wasn't, I'd definitely be reading more of this series. May 21, Debra rated it really liked it. A Death Along the River Fleet was a well crafted story that had me guessing what the outcome would be till the very end.

As an avid reader of historic mysteries, this is one of the best I have read in a while. Oct 17, Christine rated it really liked it.

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  8. Lucy Campion thinks she is seeing an apparition rising from the rubble of the Great London Fire of It turns out to be a woman in a nightdress, covered in blood and unsure who she is.